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An ambitious collection of entrepreneurs, technologists, marketers and developers. In 2017, the team was frustrated by the limitations of the cryptocurrency market and has been creating innovative FinTech blockchain solutions ever since.


Leading Innovation

Trillions of dollars of assets are managed by the legacy financial sector. These funds are held in a number of different custodial structures, including ETFs and Mutual Funds.

The recent advances in blockchain technologies creates an exciting opportunity to migrate traditional fund management onto a decentralized non custodial protocol. Vaults Network are leading the charge to create non-custodial asset management systems targeting both the cryptoasset market and the traditional markets. We love to build DeFi Lego blocks and work with other industry leaders to build our vision.



Singapore is home to the Vaults Network team and this fast-moving global financial hub provides the ideal pro-blockchain landscape for operations. 2021 will see Vaults Network expand into Europe and North America.