At Vaults Network, you can find list of all known vaults, utilise our vaults to manage your crypto assets, and launch your own vault using our framework.


A network of non-custodial decentralized investment management vaults managed by the Vaults governance protocol.

Composability with existing DeFi provider protocols to leverage existing investment vaults.

Vaults Store


At our vaults store you will find all the known vaults and benefit from a number of feature we put together that help you perform your key tasks all in one place.

  • Review list of vaults
  • Track vaults size & performance
  • Register your vault
  • Deposit & Withdraw

Utilize Our Vaults

Connect to a Vault and deploy your funds with the touch of a button. Vaults are categorised and ranked based on your needs and have in built governance facilities to empower all participants.

Yield Farming

Yield Farming Vaults

Yield farming vaults and benefit from automated farming strategies.

Copy Trading

Copy Trading Vaults

Follow the best performing traders and investors and have your funds mirror their trades.

Fund Management

Fund Management Vaults

Cryptoasset portfolios managed by leading investors and venture funds.

Vault participants will receive a capital weighted share of the Vaults voting power and will be able to impact future vault strategies and investment decisions.


Launch Your Own Vaults

Spotted a trend which everyone can benefit from? Launch your own Vault, recruit investors and manage the strategy. Set your own Vault fees and build a successful fund. Will your Vault be active or passive? What can it trade in? Set your own limits.

  • Use our simple framework to launch your own vaults
  • Build your venture group
  • Manage your tax


Utilize decentralized governance to build an ecosystem around the Vaults protocol, and reward users as the platform grows.

Utility Token

Native Utility Token

Vaults Store Token (VST) is the native token of Vaults protocol and leads governance and development of the protocol.



Token holders have the opportunity to shape the evolution of the protocol and supported vaults.


Performance Management

Track vault performance and benchmark against the entire market, utilize governance to liquidate poor performing pools and add additional vaults.

The VST Token

The Vaults Store Token (VST) controls the development and evolution of the Vaults protocol. Token holders will control the collection and distribution of protocol fees, and vote on new and exciting protocol updates.


Token Allocation

Tokens will be generated via two routes, firstly via a token sale and then liquidity mining for participants in our Vaults. The rate of emission for VST mining will be managed via governance voting with an initial target to release all tokens within four years.


1 billion VST will be minted at genesis.